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I have always been interested in solar power since the 1960s when a solar panel was a laboratory curiosity.
In 1976 when I purchased my current home, I decided to begin incorporating green technologies into my living space. Not only to save money, but also for educating others who are interested in green technologies. This website profiles green technologies that are now available for the home user. We have been slowly adding green technologies to the house, especially over the last decade or so. From 2001 when we put on our first 7000W solar electric array, it allowed us to have a home that generated more energy than it consumed, known as a "Net Zero" home. 

    In 2008 we started an ambitious project of upgrades which included a new room addition by
Marrokal  Design and Remodeling. The room addition incorporated a number of green technologies such as double paned low-e windows, solar chimney, and a geothermal heated radiant floor amongst other things. After the room addition we proceeded to upgrade the old house with green technologies. 

Please enjoy reading and learning about the green technologies available today that can help you and the environment!

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